CCS 160 Express Mobile Bleachers

CCS 160 Express Mobile Bleacher is a self-contained seating system capable of highway transport and fast set-up. Bleacher unfolds to offer 10 row bleacher seating with guardrails. Bleachers are equipped with a self-contained hydraulic actuator, permitting fast, one-person set-up.

Bleachers have a rugged, galvanized steel support structure with aluminum seat and footboards.

Weather resistant materials and components are used throughout. Leveling jacks can be provided for bleacher leveling and support.

Bleachers have a constant, standard seat slope for safety and can fold to 96″ wide for highway towing. Guardrails fold and unfold with the main bleacher structure, and do not require additional assembly or latching. Bleacher does not require latches or support pads to be positioned for transport.

 Bleacher systems are engineered to meet or exceed IBC code requirements.